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This week I’ve been so busy with my Massage clients and exerting myself physically in this way that I’ve not been as active in the gym. Mainly because I realise how important it is to have a few rest days as this is when our bodies adjust to the impact of constant training and our muscles can grow.
I do find it difficult to have a few days rest to be honest, ironically it isn’t in my nature much to rest but I am becoming more disciplined with applying rest days as I know how essential they are.
As I’ve not been using weights again this week, I’ve still been cycling as my method of getting to and from work and I’ve been improving my posture through stretching. I’ve also received a few massages myself this week and noticed how much this has helped me to reduce any lactic acid build up and helped me sleep like a baby!

Through having some rest I’m more excited to be hitting the gym again tomorrow with more energy!


For the past week I have been focused on running instead of using weights, previously I was using a 20kg/24kg kettlebell for squats and lunges and 7kg for each arm but over time I feel less flexibility even when I’m stretching. 
I am realising that we need to move our bodies in various ways instead of just sticking to one style of movement. 
When we are using weights we are forcing our bodies somewhat to mould into something in a specific area or muscle but through using our own bodyweight instead our bodies will naturally become the shape which is natural for you. 
I am still cycling 8/9miles everyday, walking 10k steps minimum and running 1hour roughly 8km per day. 
The emphasis the past week has been mobility and moving my whole body instead of isolated workouts. 
I feel good to be running again it also helps me mentally to focus on one thing and to be mindful.


Hey, Welcome to my blog. I am excited to share my journey with you to becoming a personal fitness trainer. Being a massage therapist for eleven years I now want to incorporate personal training into my business as I feel they go hand in hand quite naturally, it is also an area I have always been passionate about. I want to share the journey and the goals with the aim to then help clients achieve their own fitness goals. I love being active and being able to become a PT would be a massive honour. This blog is all about sharing and hopefully inspiring you to take on some of your own goals. Zowie x