Below you will find a selection of our crystals and other items we have available to be purchased through our website/in store or brought additionally with a Mobile Massage session. All crystals come with additional information and are cleansed with Sage/Palo Santo and Reiki Healing.


Promotes peace of mind and dissolving of negativity, especially for the Third Eye Chakra (in-between the eyebrows) which can causes us to feel anxious and overwhelmed through constant stimulus and modern living.
Amethyst is a very grounding and protective crystal in that it helps us to restore balance whilst releasing residue of our daily lives.
A fantastic stone to use in meditation to heighten our spiritual awareness, for stress relief and to keep in the home.

Length (Left to Right) is approx 3.5 Inches and Depth (Top to Bottom) is approx 2.5 Inches.


Known as ‘The Stone Of Opportunity’ Aventurine is thought to be one of the luckiest crystals to manifest prosperity, abundance and success!
Green Aventurine will comfort and harmonise the Heart Chakra, encouraging a deeper synergy with head/heart connection.
The outside of this crystal is green and deep inside it’s pink which is symbolic of the layers we can build around the heart to protect our vulnerabilities.
This crystal is a great companion when wanting to release fear/ego and allow ourselves to surrender to our hearts beyond the minds control.
Aventurine is a great crystal that enables us to listen to our inner voice and trust our intuition, we can then begin to develop a true heart-mind balance.
It’s said you have to be grateful for what you have before life can give you more – Aventurine is wonderful for helping you to integrate more awareness and gratitude.

Length (Left to Right) is approx 2.5 Inches and Depth (Top to Bottom) is approx 3.5 Inches.



Helps to release mental blocks through enhancing clarity.
This crystal inspires through transformation, we begin to see ‘The Bigger Picture’ and release what is outdated and no longer working in our lives through embracing higher levels of consciousness.
Through this spiritual purification we can tap into our inner strength and power at a core level and overcome unhealthy patterns and toxicity.
Helps us to shift perspective and re-connect us to our inner light once again.
Activates all chakras to feel more positivity and growth within our lives.

Length (Left to Right) is approx 1.5 Inches and Depth (Top to Bottom) is approx 2.5 Inches.


Fluorite Polished Point

This beautiful crystal rejuvenates the aura and encourages us to ‘Dream Big’ to pursue our boldest aspirations through strengthening Self-belief, belief in One’s dreams, or even to make a wish again.
This crystal puts us in touch with our heart’s deepest desires, encouraging us to expand our imagination to turn dreams into reality.
Because of the high vibrational qualities within this crystal – it naturally boosts our sense of hopefulness, because only once we break through our own limitations and boundaries can we discover what we truly want and what is possible for us.
Length (Top to Bottom) is approx 4 Inches and Depth (Left to Right) is approx 1.5 Inches.


Clear Quartz Point

Often referred to as the ‘Master Healer Crystal’ as it’s considered the most powerful to work with for Healing.
Clear Quartz is an amplifier and enhances the energy of anything around it, it can therefore be used to amplify our intentions as well as enhancing the energy of surrounding crystals in our environment.
It absorbs, regulates and neutralises energy and is the perfect talisman!

Length (Top to Bottom) is approx 4.5 Inches and Depth (Left to Right) is approx 1.5 Inches.


Crystal Facial Rollers

. Amethyst Facial Roller (Reduces puffiness, oxygenates and cleanses) £24.00
. Aventurine Facial Roller (Stimulates collagene, eliminates toxins) £22.00
. Jade Facial Roller (Tones and defines) £22.00
. Rose Quartz Facial Roller (calms and soothes sensitive skin) £22.00

All facial rollers promote lymphatic drainage from the face and help to relieve facial and jaw tension. The rollers are double-sided with a large end for broad surfaces and a smaller end for the harder-to-reach areas like under the eyes and the chin area.
All rollers are approx 6 inches.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendent (Black wire Included)

Black Tourmaline is considered ‘The Ultimate Stone For Protection’.
This crystal helps to support our energetic boundaries, much like a bodyguard – protecting us from negative energy!
The healing properties within this crystal are highly grounding and stabilising because of the stone’s association to the lower chakras which enable us to connect with our inner power and inner strength.

Crystal length is approx 2 Inches.

Blue Kyanite (Small clear quartz attached to amplify energy)

Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being as it embodies properties that promote tranquility, openness/ balance of Yin Yang energies.
It’s especially helpful when wanting to communicate more authentically as it promotes a natural fluidity and confidence within the Throat Chakra and how we express ourselves ‘Speaking Our Truth’.
Excellent crystal to assist with channelling, dream work/remembering dreams, psychic development and for opening up our artistic abilities.

Crystal length is approx 2 Inches.


Rose Quartz Pendent (black wire included)

Rose Quartz is the most popular crystal being the ‘Love Crystal’.
Through embodying the energy of this crystal we can deepen our sensitivity and capacity to give and receive more love.
A beautiful crystal for self-healing as well as attracting more compassion and gentleness, the essence of Rose Quartz helps to bring harmony and balance to all relationships, most importantly the one we have with ourselves.

Crystal length is approx 1.5 Inches.


Clear Quartz Pendant (Black wire included)
Crystal length is approx 2 Inches.


Length (Left to Right laying on side) is approx 4 Inches and Depth is approx 1.5 Inches.

Approx 1 Inch in Length.

Length (Top to Bottom) is approx 3 Inches and Depth (Left to Right) is approx 2 Inches.

Elastic wrist Bracelet.

Elastic wrist Bracelet.

Elastic wrist Bracelet.

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