About Zowie Georgia

I’ve been practising as a Massage Therapist since 2010.

My passion for bodywork evolved through my own experience with injuries I sustained as a swimmer. Injuries that unfortunately ended my career. 

During my recovery I received every style of bodywork and have always been fascinated by the Mind/Body connection and how we can heal Holistically.

I quickly discovered how beneficial and transformative touch can be on so many different levels.

When I had to stop swimming I was emotionally and physically broken, I had to re-evaluate my life. I thought that I was heading in a certain direction but that changed and I soon realised that my life was taking a different turn, I had to adapt. 
Ultimately this gave me a certain perspective and re-opened me to the infinite possibilities that life offers us when we can let go of our tunnel-vision.

I had to acknowledge the bigger picture and dig deep and through this I discovered a deeper sense of purpose, I wanted to help other people more and so my agenda shifted from being entirely self-serving to opening myself up to hold the space for another.

Initially I trained in Sports Massage/Advanced Deep Tissue for 2 years with the most prestigious school at the time and worked with athletes, partly because I wasn’t ready to leave this environment and because I gained so much experience on a physical level to apply to my practice.

I soon opened a multi-award winning Massage centre in Shoreditch and had a team of therapists working for me for 5 years.
My style of working as a therapist always takes the individual client and their specific needs into consideration, I incorporate various techniques and styles of massage for a more overall bespoke experience. 

I also offer a Mobile Service and visit clients internationally and have therapists that I’ve trained to provide Couples Massages along side me in London.

Along with being a Massage Therapist I teach Massage workshops as well as being a published Writer. I am currently training to become a PT and I look forward to adding this service to Zowie Georgia Wellness.